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Yalman Pourvatan

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About Me

Always, thirsty for progress...

I am a passionate person and eager to interact with different people. I have more than 18 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, as well as making 3D animations and website design and internet infrastructure.
I have the ability to positively interact with customers and understand their needs and provide suggestions for new products and services.
I am interested in technology-oriented fields and I can offer them innovative products and how to use the innovation and technology platform, and by understanding the benefits and features of the products, I have the approach of selling products and services in my conversations.

My knowledge and information...

And still searching for new knowledge...

Making 3D animation

Animated graphics, in different formats, can convey a concept much deeper than static graphics.


The first tools I needed in any job were conventional digital graphics tools.

Web design

My years of experience in this field have increased my knowledge of website design in the marketing world.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the intersection of various sciences that leads to more sales of a product both on the digital platform and in the offline environment.

Career records and specialized courses

Trying to have practical, up-to-date and comprehensive information

(2003 until now)

Personal Activity

Graphic Design

The beginning of my activity as a graphic artist was based on my interest, need in the job market and also companionship with my graphic designer brother ^_^

(2003 until now)

Advertising Agency

The manager of Viraaweb Apadana

Apadana Advertising Agency is an advertising business, which I initially started with static sites.

(2001 until 2010)

IT manager of the municipality

CEO of Prime Accelerator

Collaborating with Sarai Mahalleh Abazar, the experimental settlement and Geisha and winning the first places in the field of computer training classes and... and receiving 4 certificates of appreciation from region 2 and 15.

(2001 until)

Sarver Resaneh Parsian Co

Animation and special effects team manager

I started my career as a professional animator and made several animations and teasers for the series Mahe Pishuni and Mater Ghogandeh, which were aired on Filmo and Namava. ^_^

(۱۳۸2 تا 1383)

فعالیت شخصی

بنیانگذار شرکت آریا وب

که شروع کار آریا وب همراه با یکی از اعضای فامیل که بعد از شرکت آریا وب به دلایل شخصی جدا شدم ^_^

Google Digital Garage Certificate

Principles of digital marketing (2011)

Coursera Certificate

HTML5 advanced (2012)

UX and UI design principles certificate

College Guidance Academy (2014)

Sololearn Certificate

Advanced topics in HTML and web (2014)

Certificate of advanced product design course

Amaj Academy (2016)

Certificate of digital marketing challenges in Iran

Tehran Technical Complex Academy (2019)

UX and UI design principles certificate

Academy of Sharif University of Technology (2022)

Certificates and
Obtained licenses


Some comments my friends

The SEO improvement project of Cactus Leather website was done with him, which I am very satisfied with and I got a good result.

Ariana company did the site design and SEO work for me, thanks for their good character.

The beginning of a unique collaboration

Monthly and annual plans

Advanced and special plan in installments and step by step by the system


  • Placing 1 article per week for the site
  • Making 7 stories and 3 posts per week
  • Making 1 motion graphic of 1 minute

1٬۰۰۰ $


  • Posting 3 articles a week for the site
  • Making 1 3D animation, 1 minute at most
  • Site optimization for Google and SEO



  • Web design
  • Customer club design
  • Designing Android and PWA applications



  • Web design
  • Customer club design
  • Designing Android and PWA applications
  • Doing SEO
  • Advertising on the Internet
  • Making a teaser
  • Post and story design
  • and......