With the expansion of internet businesses, the market of related jobs such as content production or website design has become hot; One of the specialties that is much needed these days; SEO specialist. This question has probably occurred to you, who is an SEO expert? What are the duties of an SEO expert and to what extent can he be effective in improving and increasing the ranking of our site?


Who is an SEO expert?


SEO Specialist is a magician who can create a miracle for your site with white hat SEO; Of course, this definition may seem a bit vague, but in fact, SEO expert by mastering the principles of site optimization and taking into account the various Google algorithms and by using the principles of white hat SEO, will increase the ranking of your site; And in the best case, it will place your site in the first five search results of Google or other search engines. Of course, if the site does not have good and rich content; Necessary information related to the business and its process (at least seventy percent of the information) is not provided to the SEO; Or different departments, such as the site development team, cannot coordinate their performance with the SEO expert and his strategies in time; We definitely cannot expect miracles from SEO.


How to find a good SEO and recognize unprofessional SEO?


Many people who start an internet business are looking to be on the first page of Google. This group of e-commerce market players have a very valuable goal and are people who invest as much as their capital allows on their site’s SEO. But what we want to say on this page are the facts that may wake us up like a sudden slap and make us aware of the behind-the-scenes work done by honest SEOs and fraudulent SEOs. So, stay with us to find out about the story behind the curtain in this article and learn more about the following:

Know a good SEO
Know non-professional SEOs
What is SEO fraud?
What should we expect from SEO projects?
How much does SEO cost?
What increases the price of SEO site?
Can we be responsible for our site’s SEO?


SEO is not black magic


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not black magic. If you want long-term success. There is no magic and quick SEO trick that will instantly put you in the top rankings of Google search results. According to Mile Ohai, “Success and maintaining long-term ranking depends on avoiding bad SEO and continuing to do good SEO.”

Who is SEO now? An SEO is someone you hire on a part-time or full-time basis and he helps your website put your best food in front of your guests. With the efforts made by SEO, your website will be placed in a worthy place. Where reluctant and information-hungry customers click on your headline to answer their needs and are on your page after a few seconds.


The first climb is not the first success


Suppose, you have 844 entries from Google per day, which is also called organic visits. Now, if you can’t increase these visits day by day, it means that you are not doing optimization or SEO. Many people consider SEO to be like climbing a mountain. You know better that Damavand is the highest peak in Iran. Alam Kouh peak is the second highest peak in Iran and similarly Savalan peak is the third highest peak in Iran. Now the question is: Do you have the ability to climb Damavand peak without climbing Savalan peak? The answer is negative.




In the initial ascents, climbers try to climb Savalan peak first and then Alam Kouh peak so that their body and mind get used to the cold and lack of oxygen. Then they make a brave move to climb Damavand peak. Now here is the second question: Is there a higher peak than Damavand peak? The answer is definitely yes.

Hence, business experts always believe that SEO is like rock climbing, an exercise for the entire life cycle of a business and should always be done. Therefore, achieving small and relatively large successes does not mean that your SEO project is done. First successes are like your first ascent.


Analysis of the obtained statistics


Analyzing the statistics of searches leading to your website is the most important task that should be in your daily and monthly schedule. what does it mean?

In the sweet world of SEO, there are always small and big projects that lead to short-term and long-term goals. You may be wondering how an SEO defines and carries out these projects. In response, it should be written that thanks to very advanced tools such as MOZ, Google Web Master, Ahrefs, SEMrush and Alexa, SEOs check the statistics obtained for several months and perform a series of activities by prioritizing your business goals. The result of these works will make you get organic visits from searching for a specific keyword or phrase.


A professional SEO usually does the following by analyzing the collected statistics:

The first step is to identify well-developed pages
The second step identifies success pages in one step
The third step identifies undeveloped pages
The fourth step discovers the potential of the business


What are SEO tools?


Each SEO has a strategy in their work and they usually use SEO tools to advance their strategy. Many SEOs work with only one tool and some work with all tools and it depends on their taste.

SEO tools provide good information for SEO work. In fact, suppose that you are SEO

You give a cup. If you don’t know how searchers behave with your page; Or you don’t know how visitors find you; You definitely can’t optimize that page! So you should use key tools like Google Webmaster, MOZ, Ahrefs and you should learn how these free, semi-free and paid tools work.


Good SEO: Professional SEOs start by analyzing search results to improve all previous search engine events. A good SEO does the best work for the site; But never with wrong actions for a small and transient success; It does not endanger the validity of the domain and the validity of the site with Google.


Bad SEO: A bad SEO can do wrong things on your website, which will make Google penalize your website and reduce your domain’s credit score. A bad SEO does not always put your website in danger because of bad work, but it lowers your scores with incorrect strategies and it costs you a lot to compensate for it.


How does Google like the site?


Part of the SEO activities for Google is to make the website likeable. Work that requires knowledge and experience. Below I list some essential tips for getting Google Liked:

Website loading speed (reduce the size of the template and media such as photos and videos.)
Removing harmful plugins and installing useful plugins (if the CMS is WordPress.)
The website is mobile-friendly (adding a hamburger menu and making it possible to resize media and codes)
SSL and domain security
Checking site links and erroneous pages
AMP (new platform for displaying the site to mobile users)


A word with people without work experience in SEO


SEO is a process of several months. First, data and information must be published by your website. Then this information is crawled and found on Google. After that, the SEO manager starts the second step (which we explained at the beginning).

In fact, a SEO needs 4-12 months to first optimize your website, then evaluate the results and make suggestions to achieve results.


Of everything we said, we did not say anything bad about SEO!


When it comes to tricks and tricks, there are also tricksters and tricksters. Usually, the main activity of these people is in link building. They make hundreds of thousands of links for your domain and call it backlinks. We ourselves believe in backlinks. But backlinks from relevant and valid domains and pages.

Link building, if it is done in a legal and effective way, requires a lot of money and energy, and guarantees the development of your domain and ranking pages.


Seokar’s definition of the discussion of the need for improvement to improve the rank
The prescription he prescribed to do that job.


Warning: Do not add too many words for metatag keywords or buy links.

Google has produced many articles and videos to show the futility of buying links and adding lots of keywords. In fact, Google does not recommend buying links.


Remember: In most cases, doing what’s good for SEO is also good for your online customers. It means having a mobile-friendly site, a good guide, and building a great brand!

And if you’re a well-known brand with a complex legacy system, you’ll probably need to spend more on the technical side of your website to do a good search engine job. In other words, updating your website infrastructure to build a fast and smart environment will free up your hands to do other aspects of IT in the long run. If you’re a local business owner, chances are you can handle the basics yourself—just watch this introductory video to see why.


Do two types of interviews with your potential SEO


Make sure the SEO you are considering is interested in you and your business. A few are mentioned below. A good SEO does not focus exclusively on search engine rankings, but also on helping your business. They should ask you such questions.

What makes your business, your content, or your service special and valuable to your customers?
Who are your regular customers? And how did they find your website?
How does your business make money? And what can search help?
What other channels do you use? Non-virtual advertising? Social Networks?
Who are your competitors? What are their strengths in virtual space (and possibly in non-virtual spaces)?

If you see, your SEO doesn’t care about your business with a holistic view. Choose elsewhere.

SEO is very difficult to do without knowing your business goals, their customers, and your other marketing efforts. SEO should complement your current work.


Check out SEO resources


If your potential SEO provider has prepared resources, check them out. Make sure the SEO is able to provide helpful tips. And works effectively with developers, designers, searchers or marketers.

In this case, CopyFi company (if you don’t have any or some of them) has teamed up all these experts under one roof and they are ready to help you.

A good SEO is someone who not only improves your site’s ranking, but who you can work with, learn from, and gain experience with, and who truly cares about you and your business.