What is the first page of Google?


What is the first page of Google? The first page of Google is where everyone wants to be. There are many tactics to be on the first page of Google, and the most important of these techniques are introduced in this article.

To place the link on the first page of Google, your site must be optimized according to search engines. In a few years, Google has introduced several algorithms that complying with each algorithm will help you easily and quickly increase the rank of your site and be on the first page of Google after a while. Of course, we emphasize again that this issue depends on the type of keyword you choose.


Being on the first page of Google


According to the latest research, 75% (three quarters) of the visitors of virtual pages, never search for the contents of the next pages. Also, the latest research shows that the highest number of clicks for rank one of the results is on the first page, and compared to other ranks of the results, link one has a higher number of views. According to the statistical results, 36% of the total click rate is related to the first rank and the other ranks of the search results account for 1.5% of the click rate. Most likely, by presenting these statistics, you have reached the answer to the question “why should we be on the first page of Google” and the importance of being on the first page of Google.

The processing of these data and figures shows that reaching the first rank of Google search results will lead more traffic to users to visit and use different pages of your website, which naturally results in the further prosperity of your business. will be.

Another noteworthy point is that the click rate of natural results is much higher and more effective than the click rate of paid ads. By interpreting the mentioned points, we can understand the reason for the sensitivity of website managers to have the first ranks on the first page of Google. Because having the first page of Google has very valuable benefits. One of the most effective and practical ways to achieve this position is a good SEO job for the website.


The rise of the site on the first page of Google


Unfortunately, it must be accepted that it is difficult and complicated to get the site up on the first page of Google, especially in keywords that are contested by different websites. It is much more difficult to reach the first page of Google search for popular and highly visited keywords that are targeted by large industrial and commercial businesses, and if you are a new start-up business. You should know that you have an ups and downs road ahead of you.

In this way, even the most elite and experienced people in large businesses and unrivaled industries, due to the high competition in most keywords to reach the first page of Google, constantly strive and always face new challenges. Therefore, in the past years, large organizations in various industries have been producing content and optimizing the website and its contents for search engines in a completely specialized and professional manner, and it has been receiving thousands of backlinks for years.


Raising the site on the first page of Google for keywords


For the site to rise on the first page of Google, the first step is for you to purposefully decide which keywords you want to get on the first page of Google. You may have special items in mind such as:

Branding and your business name
The services you provide at the city level
Your business’s service or product at the desired industry level
Keywords related to the desired industry

According to the level of competition in your desired keywords, the level of difficulty for the site to rise to the first page of Google is in the range of “easy” to “very difficult” and depending on this level of difficulty, it requires a special effort.

For example, competing for keywords related to your industry is more difficult than competing for the first Google rank for your business name; Because if you have chosen a suitable and unique name for your profession, you will be seen faster and easier.


Display the site on the first page of Google


As mentioned, unlike a business name, it’s more difficult to show up on the first page of Google for keywords in your industry because big, established business giants have spent years researching keywords and focusing on ranking. The results are above.

As a result, setting up a suitable strategy in addition to focusing on key phrases, such as quality link building, can be another effective method that we will describe below. After specifying the desired keyword, the decision stage for how to do this comes.


In general, how many methods are there to rank on the first page of Google?


In general, you can use two methods to get your site to the first page of Google:

The first method: with the help of Google ads or AdWords
The second method: with the help of SEO or website optimization

To explain the first method, it should be said that you first introduce your desired keywords to Google and ask Google to display your site on the first page and even higher in the rankings if users search for the introduced keywords. to be Displaying the site on the first page of Google with AdWords is recommended for highly competitive keywords, but SEO is much less expensive for low-competition keywords.


How much does it cost to get on the first page of Google?


In the first method, that is, AdWords advertising or advertising on the first page of Google, the AdWords account is charged by paying a fee of, for example, $20. You can set a specific amount for each keyword, for example $0.3 or AED. Therefore

The cost of getting to the first page of Google in this way is a bit high, especially for new and novice sites.

Every time the user clicks on the link introduced to Google by you, the predetermined amount will be deducted from your AdWords account. In this method, immediately after paying the amount to Google, you will be on the first page of Google.

In the second method, you will gradually reach the first page of Google by optimizing or SEO site. Of course, this method is time-consuming compared to the first method and depending on the competition in the desired keyword, it may take from one month to one year.

The cost of getting to the page and the first rank of Google depends on factors such as: the number of competitors, the SEO level of competing sites, the type of keyword in terms of whether it is long or short, the difficulty of the keyword, the amount of keyword searches, the budget of your site, the number of backlinks and The reports you are going to do and…. it depends.

To get to the first page of Google, you need external SEO and internal SEO of the site. Most of the external SEO is done by buying backlinks and buying reports, which we will do for you on this page (just contact us to place an order.)


The benefits of using SEO to rank first in Google search


Economy and low cost: The costs required for Google ads cannot be compared with the costs needed to optimize the site to get the first rank in Google search, and this method can be implemented with much more cost-effective amounts than Google ads.
Persistence: If your website reaches the first page of results naturally by optimizing the site for search engines, it will not be possible to remove the website from the results or reduce the ranking.
Getting higher in other results: One of the benefits of SEO is that if you optimize your website for one keyword, it may also rank high in the results for other keywords and receive input from them as well. do.


Is the first rank of Google guaranteed and permanent?


Keep in mind that you are not the only one trying to reach Google’s first rank and this position is not yours alone. Many SEO or Google AdWords service websites may guarantee you the first rank of Google and high entries from Google, but all sites have the possibility of achieving this position and it is not possible to buy this position for anyone. Bringing the site to the first page of Google or the first rank of Google requires planning and continuous effort and cannot be achieved overnight.

You cannot guarantee the first rank of Google and you must know that you can only have an increase in traffic from Google and no one can promise you the first position.


Bringing the site to the first page of Google after the rank drop


It is possible that after a period of being on the first rank of a search, your competitors will take your rank and as a result of the same search, they will surpass you, but if you repeat the processes that you have done to get the first rank of Google, you will be able to display your site. Reclaim the #1 position on the first page of Google search.

Of course, it is important to mention that it is possible to lose this position again, because this is the natural routine of search engines.

In general, about 70% of clicks are made on links 1 to 5 of Google, so the second or third rank of Google, like the first rank, will be an excellent position with high and acceptable input.


How to be on the first page of Google search?


The question of many website managers is how to get on the first page of Google? In general, SEO consists of two types:

External SEO of the site or SEO off page
Internal SEO of the site or seo on page

Normally, after going through the steps of designing the website, you should start creating content related to the site’s activity. The beginning of SEO work is the production of textual content, and then internal SEO and external SEO of the site.


Content production should be done to reach the first page of Google search?


What is the useful method for producing the right content? Should you create content for Google to reach the first page of Google? Or did he create content for users and visitors to interest users? The correct answer is that the right content should include both aspects; It means to produce content that meets the user’s needs and takes into account the user’s taste, and is also noticed by Google.


Content production based on keyword analysis tools


The best way to create content is to search for desired keywords before starting content creation. This method allows you to know which of the keywords you should pay more attention to in your content. For this purpose, it is better to use broad and long keywords in combination.

There are various tools for keyword research, including:

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Google Keyword Planner

After finishing the search for keywords and preparing a list of targeted keywords, the desired keywords should be used in the content. Of course, the important thing is not to use too many keywords because Google may consider your site as spam.

Text: Don’t forget that in addition to using keywords alone, you can use keywords in sentences, phrases, paragraphs, and also always put the use of long keywords on the agenda.

Title: Using keywords in the title will improve your CTR from SERPs.

Subheading: You can use subheadings like H2 to value keywords


Meta title: You can use some solid keywords in the meta title. The meta title is shown in the search engine results.

Meta description: To increase the click-through rate, write an attractive meta description with some keywords. Because the meta description is displayed under your link in Google search results.

Name of image files/Image ALT feature: In the first step, enter the desired images in the prepared content. Images are an attractive part for users as well as Google. Replace file names with keyword names.

External backlinks: To link your site to other websites, create several links on your website from several other pages and use your keyword as anchor text. This action makes the page crawler and Google find and rank your page in the search results. Backlinks are the most important and effective part of SEO.


External SEO of the site or offpage SEO


After the internal optimization of the page, it is time for external optimization. This work must be done according to Google’s protocols, otherwise, we will face the algorithms of Google’s zoo. One of the measures that can be taken for off-page SEO is building links correctly and according to the framework to bring the site to the first page of Google.


Get help from experienced SEO


SEO optimization and achieving high Google links includes many guidelines and factors.

Learning SEO and the mentioned items is not complicated, but to achieve better results and faster visibility of your website, it is better to get help from a good SEO expert and experienced SEO. By analyzing different sites, SEO experts know the methods and methods to improve the site’s SEO, which you can get to the first pages of Google by taking advantage of the experts’ sufficient experience.