One of the things that employers want from a company that makes promotional teasers is to make cheap teasers. Usually, employers, due to not having a very professional view of the market and marketing, try to start their advertising department with the lowest possible cost, and they think that by lowering the budget in the advertising department, they have saved so-called and for the company. have saved Maybe you have heard this famous English proverb that says that if you have 100 Tomans and you intend to sell a product, spend 99% on advertising the product and spend 1% on the product you want to produce.


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This proverb does not mean that you should produce low-quality products, but it reminds the importance of advertising. If companies, factories, start-ups, offices, etc. do advertising with a basic plan, they can be very likely to succeed. One of the most basic advertising methods is making an advertising clip. The most important thing for advertising teaser design is to have creative and attractive ideas, which cannot happen unless a strong team of experienced and creative people work hard for it. It is wrong to say that expensive teasers should always be made in order to achieve a favorable result.

Our criticism is for not spending basic and obligatory money for the production of promotional teasers. Supposedly, in order to make a teaser to achieve the result, it is necessary to make a set and bring several actors to play the role, but if we ignore the set and use much less actors, we definitely do not have a good output for that scenario.

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Is every expensive teaser good?


It is not true that some companies charge exorbitant fees for the production of advertising videos from their customers. Usually, a few big advertising companies in Iran, which have found a name and an official name, charge a lot of money for the production of these types of clips, and this is because of the company’s own brand and the high costs of that company. Let’s not forget the truth, usually the teasers that these big advertising companies make are quality teasers, but they are not worth the cost.


Do we have good cheap teasers?


It is not true to say that every cheap teaser is bad, but there are important factors in making a teaser that if it is done in a principled and professional way, it will make the teaser more visible and attractive. One of these factors is the up-to-date and cinematic equipment, the more the teaser is produced with better equipment, the more attractive the end result is. Apart from the equipment of using professional and experienced agents, having a professional scenario that cannot be created if there is no strong team behind it, all these help the final output of the teaser to be satisfactory.


How much does it cost to make an advertising teaser?


This article is very general, like saying how much is the price of a human life. Advertising teasers are estimated depending on different factors and scenarios. The estimate of these costs includes the cost of location, actors, production crew, screenwriter team, editing and special effects team, make-up team, sound team, production and procurement team, transportation, number of days of filming, equipment used in making the teaser. It can be and… it depends on many other things. The point that we should pay attention to is that all the costs we mentioned above are different in different advertising companies.

For example, the cost of equipment for one day in one company may cost more than 20 million tomans, and another company spends less than 2 million tomans to make a teaser. The salaries of the agents who work for making clips are completely different, a videographer who has worked in film and fiction productions is much more expensive than a novice videographer whose field of activity is wedding ceremonies and video clips and wants to work in the field of advertising. also work

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One of the other things that play a role in the price of ordering an advertising teaser for being expensive and cheap is the cost of a think tank, which can exist for a teaser group of 10 people and another company only one person wrote the advertising idea. Post-production work also has a great impact on the cost. A special effects group that undertakes the task of VFX for a teaser, their salary is very different from a person who only edits a promotional teaser by himself, does sound and computer special effects on it. Teaser does.