3D design and modeling of products


We are at your service with a team of experts and designers in the field of modeling and 3D design and designing all kinds of technical maps. We will be by your side for 3D design and creation of your works and ideas in the form of 3D models and turning them into realistic examples and animating and animating your model. To communicate with us, you can contact us through communication channels. Contact us on the website of Vera Web Apadana as well as the direct contact number.


What is 3D design?

3D design is a process that the designer and the so-called 3D work of a device, object, character or a mental idea digitally designs in the computer, so that this 3D design shows all the details of that object in the real world. It can have and it is possible to check and analyze the 3D model from any direction, especially in 3D models of devices or industrial parts where accuracy is very important.


Types of 3D design?

3D design is different depending on the type of needs that the user has, in fact, 3D design is a world inside the computer and any idea you see in your mind or in nature can be designed in 3D, as a result of this very wide art. but it can be separated into different parts, which are explained below with examples.


Device and equipment design

As a manufacturer or a real person, to implement your idea, you first need to have a sample of your product, but making a physical sample of a product is very expensive and sometimes costs billions. It is very unprofessional to spend billions on a product that is not aware of its defects and does not even have a sample to show it.

Apadana’s Vira Web collection in the field of 3D design ideas helps you to have a realistic example from a piece to a complex device, and you can even have an animation of your device’s performance and use it to display and present your work, so From this stage, if possible, you can register your work as an invention or an industrial design and use the 3D model designed to design a technical map, if your product is registered as an invention or an industrial design, you can proceed safely. Pay for the physical production and commercialization of your product.


Character design

Character design can include 3D design of humans, animals, or imaginary and otherworldly creatures. Character design has a special complexity and the audience should try to feel its liveliness and be realistic. Advertising teasers, presentations and conversations are used through artificial intelligence and such. Vira Web Apadana uses characters for animation and promotional teasers for dear audiences.


Architectural Design

In this method of design, you can create and analyze your mental ideas for building an architectural building in the form of a 3D design with all the details. After rendering, you can display your work as a picture or video for the employer The physical design will be based on this design.


cloth design

Today, with the advancement of technology, the traditional methods for designing clothes have been replaced by new and software methods, if you are a tailor or a clothing designer and you have a new idea for designing clothes, Veera Web Apadana turns this idea into reality and you don’t need to. You don’t have to make a physical sample of your product, also the important thing for clothing designers is to protect the intellectual rights of their design, that is, if they have created a new design, its 3D design will be created by our collection and then our experts will register it as an industrial design. done, in this case you will be the owner of this work and you can produce or sell your design without worry.


Natural shape design

The natural forms of plants, trees, sea, mountains and other such things that you see in nature are meant. In 3D designs where the environment is important, these natural forms help your work to be alive rather than realistic. to become, in a way that in many movies, many environments are the result of computer design that the eye is unable to recognize as unreal.


Designing spatial and visual forms

These shapes are used for advertising teasers, mobile and desktop backgrounds, and logos, and it has an aesthetic feature, which means that it inspires the audience with a sense of beauty and vitality in a combination of patterns and shapes with stunning colors. he does .


What is the advantage of 3D design?

You got acquainted with the types of 3D modeling and design as well as a brief description of their application in the previous sections, but in this section we want to point out all the advantages of 3D design in a headline-wise manner.

1- Transforming a mental idea into a comprehensive 3D design with all the details that can include a piece, device, character, clothing, architectural building, natural or visual forms.

2- Reducing costs and saving time compared to making a physical sample of the product

3- Converting 3D design into animations in the form of movies, advertising teasers or presenting the product to the audience with its technical performance.

4- Maintaining the intellectual rights of the work by registering these works as industrial designs or inventions