Making 3D animations


Project Employer

the employer


Date and Duration

2021/7/13  |  200 days

My animation story started when one of my friends asked a lot of money for a character requested by a client. Somehow, my client was upset. Of course, I must say that my friend’s work was very good, but But first, his behavior was out of the professional work environment. I was also a fan of animation and games. One day I sat down and said that I will go to learn a difficult task that after 2 years of effort I was able to reach a very high level of animation.

The software that I worked with was Blender at first, which was good to work with even with a weak system, and then I started to learn Enrail Engine with the introduction of one of my friends, which was really difficult because there is a complexity pad that you have to learn by yourself. Solve it!

In short, I am currently making a series of 3D series for some companies and I will post some advertising clips for companies in this post. I will put the rest in the next works related to our partners, which you can find by searching in the 3D animations section. do .

You can very well understand the quality of animation with the quality of people and the environment that I designed.