Launching an advertising campaign and customer club

Price specifications:

Web design
Doing SEO
Setting up a customer club
Mobile app
Advertising on the Internet
Google ads
Making a teaser
Making 3D and 2D animation
Character design
Bilingual site
Post and story design
Interaction with different businesses
Increase site and Instagram visits
Increase sales of goods or services

  • Description

One of the main things you should do is to introduce yourself well. Having a website alone will not help you because no one knows the address of your website! You don’t like having an Instagram with 1000 followers. Do you want to fool yourself or increase your income? In these years, I have carried out several projects that are in my portfolio. From zero to one hundred of your site, updating and doing SEO, setting up a customer club, mobile app, advertising on the Internet that is north of reports and Google ads and interacting with different businesses for your business, making teasers, animations, character design, and so on. …………. I will provide you with many other services that will make your business visible. In this way, you will consider the progress of the work with monthly reports.


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