If you have not been closely involved with the world of website design and digital marketing services, you may think that website design is a process that ends when it is online and accessible to users. But in reality, in order for a site to appear on the first page of Google and search engine results, it needs continuous and long-term development and maintenance.

Site maintenance and support services include all the things that are done to increase the efficiency of the site and maintain its efficiency. But what cases? Stay tuned with this Veera Web Apadana article.


Website support and maintenance services


Site maintenance and support allows you to keep your site up and running and prevent problems from occurring instead of trying to fix them. We have found from customer feedback that website support is one of the highest rated for customers. Web support can help you update, make changes to the site.

In order to increase the efficiency of a website and have an effective performance, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of tasks on a regular basis. From server software to fixing errors, backing up or creating backup copies, and creating content and optimizing for search engines or SEO are all things that are addressed in site support and maintenance.


What is site support?


Support includes a series of instructions, services and tasks that must be carried out continuously and in a certain period of time for a site so that the site can get a good rating or if it has a high rating; to maintain that rank in the Google search engine, in other words, in general, the task of the support is to check a site for the presence of problems or errors in certain periods of time, and if there is a problem, to fix the problem, so that the site A successful site will become and the business related to it will reach its desired income.


Why is site support necessary?


The problems and bugs of the sites and the efforts to maintain their health remain like human diseases. If the problems, however small, are not investigated and discovered in the human body, the diseases will appear at once. Maintaining the health of a website is also the same if the required investigations are done to If the updates and elimination of small errors of the site are not done regularly and carefully, problems and defects will paralyze and destroy the site at once, for this reason, support is considered a requirement to maintain a business related to the site, and it is highly recommended to do it. will be


Site support services


In general, site support can provide various services to customers according to their needs, and we will mention the most important site support services. These services include creating and maintaining site security, content support, content production, site code optimization, communicating with users and solving their problems, solving technical problems of the site (problems related to site design, etc.), maintaining the site, updating , And…. is.




Support services for all types of sites

Shop site support

In order to support these types of sites, it is necessary to provide services in the fields of technical support of the site (such as website design) and product management – that is, updating product specifications, updating their availability, adding new products, changing prices, checking user opinions… to be

Content site support

In general, in order to support these sites, a detailed team should be working seriously in the field of continuous content production, and also considering that many visits are made to these sites, they need a very strong hosting.

Personal site support

In general, the support of these types of sites requires less costs, only its content should be updated accurately and this updating should be supported, so that the site’s rank increases.

Corporate website support

In order to support the corporate website, it is necessary to provide services such as updating, eliminating technical problems, following up on issues related to content updating, etc.


Types of site support


Website support is divided into two main parts, content support and technical site support, which we will continue to examine each of them.


Site content support


In order for a site to be considered valid by Google and search engines in its specialized field of activity, it is necessary to regularly produce valuable content. Sites that appear on the first page of Google search results post multiple pieces of content every week for at least a year and usually more than two years. In order for your site to have a chance to be with them, you need long-term planning.

Content production is one of the key activities in the development of the site, which is somehow included in the support and maintenance services of the site. When a site does not have regular and planned content production, it cannot gain the trust of users. Fortunately, content creation activities are considered to be among the least expensive digital marketing options that, when they are effective, create a lot of value for the business.

This type of support includes monitoring the publication of content, updating, creating appropriate titles, etc. It is necessary to mention that the content support of the site should be done based on the principles of SEO and algorithms of search engines in order to increase the ranking of the site in Google.


technical support


This type of support includes site programming services, troubleshooting technical problems, security problems, speed improvement, etc.

The technical support of the site is responsible for the technical and security updates of the website and is responsible for the proper functioning of the site’s facilities

It is up to him. For example, on a store site, making sure to register a purchase or sending a form in the contact section is the responsibility of the technical support.

One of the important reasons for hiring technical support is to maintain the security of the site. Your site must be strong against attacks and hackers. To prevent such attacks, the security aspects of the site need to be updated.

The technical support of the site uses this version by preparing a backup copy of the site in case of hacking and server failure, having a backup copy prevents the high cost of rebuilding the website.