What is a backlink?


What is a backlink? How should we get backlinks for our site? Has Google ever penalized you? If this has happened to you, you know how painful it is to identify and fix the problem. If you have not been penalized before, the risk of being penalized always threatens you. When unnatural backlinks are threatening you in the corner, how can you avoid them?

Links are the links that point from one website to another, these types of links are also called inbound links, external links and incoming links. Some links can be internal, pointing from one site page to another site page.

Link is the currency of the Internet. Because links convey value and you need to use them to have a valuable website.

If we want to show you the value of external links in the form of an example, suppose you plan to travel to Turkey. Meanwhile, if 3 people suggest you which hotel is suitable for you, they have actually given you a link to that hotel and made it more valid for you.

In websites, this rule of linking is equally valuable.

In internal linking, when multiple links refer to a specific page of the domain, a signal is sent to search engines indicating the importance of the page in question.

For several years, Google has implemented algorithms to follow these links to identify spam sites. However, you may also have a question, what are these algorithms? How do they work? Do they evaluate all links? In response, we must say that everything starts with a concept called EAT.


What is EAT?


EAT is an abbreviation of 3 words expert, authoritative and trustworthy, which in Persian equivalent can be called expert, authentic and reliable.

In fact, the performance of Google’s algorithms shows that websites that do not comply with these 3 items are of lower quality. On the other hand, the sites that comply with these 3 things, in addition to being a better site, also have future proof.

If you follow these 3 things i.e. expert, authentic and reliable website, you will provide a lot of value to your user and this is what Google is trying to show.


Use websites with high EAT in backlinks


If you link from a website that has followed these 3 things well, then your backlink is of high quality.

For example, one of the sites that has a high EAT is Wikipedia. This site offers many specialties, on the other hand, they have high credibility and trust with other websites, so that it receives many links from other sites.

Of course, backlinking from Wikipedia is one of the best backlinks you can experience, but because it is almost impossible, the sites you link from do not have to be as good as Wikipedia. They just need to be a specialized site related to your topic with high credibility and trust.


Follow and unfollow links


One of the attributes of the link tag in HTML, called rel, tells search engines whether this link should be followed by crawlers or not.

In fact, all links are considered as follows in the default mode without the rel attribute. In follow links, credit is given from the linking site to the link receiving site, that’s why they are considered the best external links.

But remember that using nofollow links is also mandatory. Because it is necessary to act naturally in external linking, it is necessary to use no-follow backlinks.

Nofollow links tell search engine crawlers not to follow the link!

You can see this type of links on Facebook, social networks and profiles, because these websites are not supposed to transfer any value to your site.


Your link building profile against search engines


Your backlinks profile is an evaluation of your site’s backlinks by search engines. Search engines, especially Google, examine the total number of links, their quality, their diversity and many other important factors to understand the relationship of your site with other Internet sites.

You can improve your site’s links and understand their overall composition using tools and analytics.

How to view the links given to our site?

Many tools like ahref and moz will allow you to find out how many links your site and even which of your pages have received from which websites.

You can also use these tools to analyze your competitors.


What are the characteristics of a healthy link without fraud?


When users realized the importance of backlinks, they tried using black hat techniques to get a huge amount of links to their website. That’s why algorithms used to not be as powerful as they are today, causing a sudden increase in the ranking of such websites.

But with the development of algorithms, this trick disappeared, and if you use it today, you will most likely be penalized, and pages or the entire site may be removed from Google results.

Healthy backlinks are links that are logically divided and from one website

Several thousands of links have not been taken. On the other hand, bonds should be established over a long period of time, and one of the main characteristics of a healthy bond without lies is its permanent nature.


Editorial links


If you remember, we explained the 10x content strategy. Such content, which has a high value, will make other sites link to your site as a learning resource or reference. Such a link that does not require any action other than great content is called an editorial link.


Links must be relevant!


One of the criteria for a great link profile is relevant links that convey high value. For example, if you have a pet store, getting a link from a pet breeding forum is more valuable than a link from a gift and gift site.

Related links can be a positive signal to Google about the topic of the site and the target page, while if these links are not relevant, they will confuse crawlers and search engines.


Use anchor texts correctly in your links


Anchor texts are linked keywords that have high value. These words tell Google what the linked page is about. That is why its use in external linking is of great importance. But remember that excessive use of anchor texts can be extremely harmful because Google will realize that you are trying to improve the rankings in a specific word for your benefit.


Send traffic to your site from links


One of the common mistakes made by some SEOs in creating external links is creating links for Google so that the audience will never click on them. Eric Ward, the leader of SEO and link building, says that you should act in link building in such a way that Google may disappear tomorrow!

As a result, it is necessary to focus on the links that transfer the user to your site, and more importantly, the user should get valuable content from your site and your content should be useful for him. If you link from sites related to your site in link building, most likely users will click on the links and your content will be useful for them.


Spam external linking view


We said a little earlier that in link building, the criteria you follow are called your link building profile. Now, the criteria that make your external linking profile to be identified as spam are: low quality of links, unnatural linking and water under the straw.

The methods of buying backlinks and exchanging links include exactly the same things that lead to ruining your link building profile.

Buying and exchanging links may seem easy and convenient, but remember that this can ruin your efforts overnight and result in a penalty from Google for your site.

One principle that you should always pay attention to when building links is that you should not do link building to change the ranks!!!

But isn’t the goal of SEO to get a better position and rank? Doesn’t Google consider links as one of the main ranking criteria?

This is where you might get a little confused. Remember, Google wants you to get links, not build links!

For this reason, Google has explained to you what to avoid in building external links.


Purchased links or links for money


Google and Bing are two powerful search engines that try to severely punish websites that buy links or sell links.

But the problem is that search engines can’t tell which links are paid for. Therefore, each of them has embedded algorithms and formulas for themselves, but it is still not possible to detect 100%.

However, if Google and Bing find out that your site’s link was created in exchange for payment, they will reduce your site’s rank to such an extent that the user will not even go to that page of Google results.

In addition, it should be noted that any exchange of goods and services that you make in exchange for getting a backlink is considered as a purchased link.




Link exchange or cross linking


It is possible that you will also receive an email containing the following sentence after you have started working on the web:

“You will link to me and I will link to you”

At this time, you have fallen prey to link exchange, which is one of the black hat methods of SEO in external link building. But it is interesting to know that if you keep it natural so that your intention is to connect your site with another site, you will not be penalized and there is even evidence that this will improve the rankings.

However, try to stay away from these links and if you intend to cross link, you need to display the natural state of the links.


Very low quality web directory links


If you’ve seen sites that sell backlinks, you’ve noticed that one of the black hat tricks is that they send a lot of links to your site from several sites that usually won’t tell you their names. This type of Haraji link building, which is called this web directory, is one of the most low-quality and worthless links with the risk of punishment.

Avoid web directory links. The intelligence of search robots and their algorithms have the ability to recognize this type of external links.

In the continuation of this article, we will understand how we can get backlinks for ourselves and still comply with Google’s rules and not threaten the SEO site with a penalty problem.


1. Backlink request


The first thing you should do is ask people. Some may say that: “Well, backlinks are not natural because we have to ask people.” But if someone wants to give you a valid link and you can’t consider this type of backlinking as a successful and valuable link for your site. For example, if you know someone who owns a blog or a website among your friends and acquaintances, you can ask him like this: “Can you introduce my website as a colleague from your website and blog and a link to our website? give?”.

Now, if he agrees to secretly give a link from his site to your site, that backlink will not be very interesting and valuable. But if they mention your site’s name clearly and legally without any problem and link to it, you can call that backlink a valuable and natural link, and Google will appreciate your site for having such a link.


2. Backlink directories


Some may say: “The backlink directory is not natural and its links are fake.” We are not talking about any directory site, we mean most of the sites that put barriers on sites to enter and do not allow any site to enter, many directory sites are known as spam. A directory should be a place where real businesses are listed and people actually use it.

There are directories that you have to search a little to find the right site. For example, you are an event photographer. You want to be listed in a local directory that gives people suggestions on singers, venues, and photographers to book weddings with. Getting backlinks from this directory will be very suitable and can send traffic to your site, getting links from these types of sites is a good indicator for your site. It will be very convenient to find these types of directories that have the numbers and addresses of your competitors. You can find such sites by looking for the number or business of competitors on the web and see where they have registered their number and site.


3. Relationships in industry


Most businesses have relationships with their suppliers, vendors, customers, and colleagues. These are the places where your business will be listed. If you are listed in such places, it will be very suitable for your business. To find these types of listings, you need to find out where your competitors are listed, look at their link profiles, and find the places where you know your place is empty.


4. Mention registered name or brand


It is possible that in some places someone has mentioned your business, site or maybe your name, but he has not given you a backlink, so it is better to find these people and thank them for this and ask for them later. that also mention your site link. Usually, you can easily get a link for your site this way. There are tools to find out if your site is listed somewhere. Some tools will send you notifications as soon as your site is mentioned.

However, these tools are not always accurate and may not notice your site’s mention. So it is better not to pay attention to these tools and spend time every month to search for mentions of your site on the Internet and try to get backlinks this way. One of the best places where you can look for mentions of your site is social networks, and you can easily ask the person who mentioned your site to give you a backlink if they have a site.


5. Revival of broken backlinks


The way you can find broken links on your website is to go to Google Search Console and look at crawler errors. Someone may have linked to your site, but your URL was written incorrectly. There are 2 ways to solve this problem. The first way is to go to that site and ask them to fix the broken link.

The second way is to create the same page for the wrong URL and send a redirect to your correct URL on the page you created. If you choose the second method, redirect, the value of that backlink will be reduced, but it is better if you have a link to the wrong page, because this link will cause a 404 error on your site and no rank. does not give you


6. be great


Journalists are always looking for things to write about. It would be great if you can get your business mentioned in the news and news sites. The best way to create an event or to hold a charity, journalists love to cover as well as content.

To find such opportunities, you cannot do a Google search for your neighborhood or business. For example, you are a hairdresser. Do a Google search about hairdressers and refer to the news. You can see different types of news that journalists have written about. For example, a local barber cuts soldiers’ hair for free. These searches will give you similar ideas. Later, you can list these reporters for your event and communicate with them and tell them: “We are also holding an event.