In this Veera Web Apadana article, we are going to answer the common question these days, that is, what is stop motion? Answer and see how this type of animation is designed. If you also want to know what is stop motion? And what are its uses, follow this article until the end so that you can get complete information in this regard.

It is possible to create animation with various techniques, one of which is stop motion. A popular but time-consuming technique that requires a lot of precision and patience. You probably have this question in your mind, what is stop motion? Stop motion is one of the animation techniques in which a movie is made from a fixed object and its movements.

These movements are recorded frame by frame and then they are placed after each other and edited to create a complete movie. Objects and objects are usually used in stop motion. But if human beings or models that are real and natural are used to make it, its name will be changed to pixelation.


What is meant by stop motion technique?


All animations require different techniques to create depending on their type. These kinds of films are made from several image frames, which are then placed one after the other and finally make a complete film. If our animation is two-dimensional, we have drawings that are designed by hand or computer, and then we put their frames one after the other. For 3D animations, we have models that are designed by computers. Then, these models move very slowly and images and shots are taken from them to finally become a moving element.

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But what is stop motion? And how is it made? In the stop motion method, instead of using paintings, the designer uses dolls or real objects and models so that they can tell their story. There is a starting point for stop motion and then we move the doll or model and generally the object with which we are going to make stop motion bit by bit and take pictures of it. This continues until our object reaches the destination point.

Then by placing these frames together, a stop motion is made which is completely moving. Now that we know what stop motion is, it is not bad to have information about the first times of using this technique. Stop motion was first used in the 1897 film Humpty Dumpty Circus. It is interesting to know that Terminator, Star Wars and Robocop movies were also made with this interesting technique.


What are the types of stop motion?


Now what about stop motion? We have obtained information, it is time to get acquainted with the different types of this type of animation. In the following, we will see and examine these types together:


Stop motions that are puppet type


As it is clear from its name, dolls are used to make this stop motion model. Generally, the selected dolls have movable joints and the designer and manufacturer can shake them and have different frames.


Stop motions that are paste type


In this type of animation, dough dolls are used instead of dolls with movable joints. The advantage of these types of dolls is the possibility of changing their shape. Even the expressions of the doll’s face can be changed in this type of stop motion, and this makes them very ideal for making stop motion.

Stop motions that are model type


Earlier, before cinema and its production techniques were so advanced, model stop motions were used to design special effects in movies. The use of this type of stop motion was in this way that first the desired stop motion was designed and then added to the desired part of the film. But now, this technique has been replaced by computer-designed special effects.


Other examples of stop motions


What is stop motion? It is time to introduce different types of stop motion. We saw 3 examples of them in the previous section, and in this section we will introduce the rest of them, which are as follows:


Stop motions made with objects


Next, talk about what is stop motion? It’s time for the object stop motion model. Instead of using dolls or models, these types of stop motions are designed and made with the help of objects.


Cut out stop motions


The term cut-out means pieces of cloth or paper that are cut with scissors and designs are made with them. Next, they place these cut-out designs on the desired background and by moving them and taking pictures and then putting the frames together, they make a stop-motion cut-out.


Pixelated stop motions


And finally, the last type of stop motion is known as pixelation, and humans or completely realistic models are used to make them. The level of this type of animation is higher and more professional compared to other types. They are mainly used in movie and series projects that are mostly in the science fiction genre and we cannot film some scenes in the real world as usual. (By ordering motion graphics in Apadana’s Vera Web, you will be seen more differently)


What steps should be taken to make a stop motion?


in this Part of talking about what is stop motion? It’s time to see what steps are needed to make this type of animation? These steps are as follows:

Taking photos: Now that we know what is stop motion? It’s time to build it. The first step for making a stop motion is to prepare the necessary photos for making a stop motion. It is true that photographing subjects is a simple task, but be careful that it takes time. For this, you must follow the following steps:

First, you need to prepare the scene you need to photograph the object, the doll, and your elements in general.
Now you have to take a photo of the desired subject in the position you want.
Apply the necessary movements to the subject according to the scenario.
Take from the subject again.
Make the change you need again.
Now you have to take a picture of the subject.
Repeat these steps until the subject reaches the destination and your scenario is fully executed.


Using stop motion tools and programs to design animation


What is the next talk about stop motion? It’s time to assemble the photos. In order to create a stop motion animation from the photos you have taken, you need software that can be used to arrange the photos frame by frame and create a stop motion from their combination.


Among these software, we can mention the following:

Using Dragonframe software
Using Stop Motion Pro Eclipse software
Using iKITMovie software


Some important points about making stop motion


And what about stop motion in the last part of this article? It is time for some prerequisites and tips about making stop motion and its stages, which we will mention. These points are:

The first important thing to do is to find a fixed and immovable place for your camera and place it in such a way that it does not have any vibration.

The movements of objects or dolls or puppets, etc., should be completely noticeable and the result of jerking should be completely clear in each photo.

To take a picture, it is better to either activate the timer of your camera or do this with special camera remotes.

Instead of using natural light, it is better to use artificial light sources such as projectors or lights, etc. This is because the process of making stop motions is very time-consuming. As a result, the angle of sunlight may change and affect the result of your photography.

Pay special attention to the shadows in the photos. You may not pay much attention to these shadows while taking pictures and you may not notice them, but when you use the software to make stop motion, these shadows can cause you problems.

And finally, what is the last point in this stop motion article? We will talk about the background of the photos. The best thing is to have fixed backgrounds that you can have with the help of fabric, paper, cardboard, a piece of wood, etc.