Why should we learn Blender software?

Blender software is one of the 5 famous 3D computer graphics software (3D package softwares) these days in the world of graphics, which with its unique capabilities is a serious competitor to other old and popular 3D graphics software such as Maya, Max Cinema has become Ford and Houdini. So that in a very short period of time, the mentioned softwares have gone through the 15 to 20 years development path.

In 1988, the Dutch animation company NeoGeo was founded by Ton Roosendaal and quickly became one of the largest 3D animation companies in the Netherlands and one of the most prominent animation houses in Europe until Blender software was born and developed and introduced to the public. became. Due to the great experience behind this software, currently Blender has become one of the most popular software among its competitors.

One of the most important features of this software is that it is free or open source, so you can download or update the latest version from the official Blender website without any restrictions. Also, due to the special strategy of the owners of this software to create a very large social and virtual network among the users and fans of this software, currently Blender is one of the most powerful communication networks between its users with the aim of improving the ability of the software, training, etc. It is free, and this is another strength of this software, so that any user or fan of this software can easily get educational resources, plugins, or archives of this software for free by searching the Internet.

This software, like other 3D giants, is used to create animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D programs, virtual reality and computer games, etc. to be with the difference that in the design of this software, it has been tried to solve all the flaws or criticisms that have been taken on other software among their users in this software, so that the best and highest capabilities can be found together in this software. be available to its users.

Another prominent feature of this software is its small size and lightness and ease of implementation, so that you don’t need computers with very powerful and expensive hardware to use this software.

Also, by using C, C++ and Python programming languages, Blender has given very strong capabilities to coding fans, so that currently the latest version of Python has been updated on this software, it should be noted that Blender, due to having Python programming language has a unique game engine based on Python inside itself, which is one of the important reasons for countless game fans and game designers to use this software.

Among other special and unique features of this software, Mowari also mentioned two-dimensional animation, digital sculpting, compositing, editing, design and art, etc.

Other features of Blender

Grease pen in Blender software

One of the more advanced software tools is the Grease pen.
An extremely attractive and very popular tool that allows users to draw their 3D spaces and models using a 2D brush.
They can create 2D animations using a hybrid workspace.


Physical simulation tools

This section also improves the quality of the built models and brings them closer to reality. Physical simulations such as creating gravity, simulating cloth and clothes and creating hair can be very attractive.
Other things simulated in this Blender software tool include the simulation of fire and smoke and the effects of liquid particles and water droplets.

Blender software rendering and video editing tools

Another important part of what can be done with Blender is to provide very high quality and realistic renderings. The software’s powerful rendering engine allows the user to present their images and designs in different formats and with different image resolutions.
In addition, there are many tools for video editing and visual effects in the Blender software. These tools also turn the created renderings into much higher quality animations.


Blender scripting tool

But for those who need more exploration in Blender software, there are more advanced techniques and tools in this program.

Advanced 3D tools such as 2D and 3D combined grease pencils, physical simulation tools, scripting tools and most importantly VFX tools to add special visual effects are among the other capabilities of this software.
Special visual effects, visual and audio effects, and finally realistic rendering, along with the other features mentioned, have turned Blender into a complete and comprehensive 3D modeling program. Blender’s scripting tool also allows users to customize programs according to their needs.


Blender is a software used by different specialties

This software is generally suitable for the needs and usage of different people and a wide range of specialties use it. Of course, it seems that this software is the best option for those who have a basic understanding of 3D modeling.
This software is widely used for entertainment to create 3D models, objects and objects for 3D printing.

Artistic drawings and 3D designs are used. At professional levels, Blender is the software of choice for editing and matching models and designs in the stage before publishing 3D models.
Of course, Blender software can also be used for prototype designs. However, its effectiveness and efficiency are not as high as other similar engineering programs.

But on the other hand, it is the best and main option for creating high-quality graphic effects in movies and animations.
Blender’s animation features have turned this program into a specialized and important tool in the filmmaking and cinema industries. This program is one of the most popular and practical tools that animators use in making their animations.
Considering all these things, it seems that teaching and learning how to work with Blender is one of the most important tasks that designers and 3D modelers should consider. Especially if modeling and animation is an important part of their work, using training courses to work with this software will be the best option for them.



According to the above article, Blender software is for a wide range of people in most areas of 3D graphics, including animation and cartoons, cinematography, games, motion graphics and advertising, 2D animation, scripting, etc. can be used

Whether as a beginner or as a person who has worked with other 3D software, this software is a good start and continuation for activities in all areas of 3D graphics, as compared to the difficulty or ease of availability. Educational resources and their costs, the cost of purchasing the software itself, the type of hardware required, etc. It is a very good choice to use.